This is a list of Miasmata achievements on Steam.

Achievements were not possible under an earlier version (pre-2013), but are now available, although not all are working properly (see notes in table). The unofficial community patch and Botanical Bad A** patcher fix the issues preventing some of the achivements from being obtained.

Achievement Description Note
You are here Triangulate your location
It may be time for an intervention Use every medicine Bug: Get this when you synthesize basic medicine
Tylenol Tommy Synthesize Basic Medicine Works
Make it Strong Synthesize Extra Strength Medicine Works
I told you to wait 30 minutes Die from drowning Works
I think therefore I am Synthesize Brain Emphasis Works
It is there Triangulate a distant landmark
I can like... see man Synthesize a Clarity Tonic Works
Duck and cover! Successfully hide from the creature Works with latest version
Stick it Synthesize Endurance Emphasis Works
It takes just seconds to eat Synthesize Energy Stimulant Works
Pump it up Synthesize Muscle Emphasis Works
Fetch! Distract the creature Works
A Sorbo Smoothie Synthesize a Herculean Tonic Works with latest version
Crazy Climber Go to the island's highest point Works
That's a lot of head statues Add all head statues to the map Final statue must be found by pinpointing it as a distant landmark. Will not unlock if the final statue was revealed by uncovering the nearby map or collecting a region map.
An Apple Assault Hit the creature with an apple Works with latest version
In under a week? Can't be done! Beat the game in 7 days or less Works with latest version
The Banana Bammer Hit the creature with a banana Works with latest version
The ol' Tin Can TKO Hit the creature with a tin can Works with latest version
The Ol' Citrus Changeup Hit the creature with an orange Works with latest version
In 3 days? Yeah right! Beat the game in 3 days or less Works with latest version
Oh, my gloious brain... Synthesize a Mental Stimulant Fixed by the unofficial community patch
Just doing some light reading? Collect every note Fixed by the unofficial community patch
Botanical Bad A** Collect every unique plant/fungi Can be fixed by patching the game

Requires all 36 types of plant/fungi

Pyro Light every urn on the island Needs to light all campfires too
The Bored Cartographer Map the entire mainland coastline Fixed by the unofficial community patch
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