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Basic medicine is a type of medication in Miasmata.

It is synthesized from various plants & fungi and reduces fever.

General Information[]

The basic medicine is the most common, and likely most commonly used, form of medication in the game, with numerous options for synthesizing it available across most of Eden's regions. It is primarily used to treat fevers, as well as to protect the player from future fevers for a limited time.



  • Adding a potency enhancer when synthesizing basic medicine will yield an Extra-strength medicine, which protects the player from fevers for a longer time, and can be carried at the same time as basic medicine, allowing for two doses to be carried at once.
  • Basic medicine, as well as extra-strength medicine, will not protect the player from fevers caused by injuries. As such, it is recommended to consume the basic medicine first, and to always avoid injury even if two doses are carried.