Ble scaley tree fungus


A scaled and bright blue fungus, it prefers high forests, and notably, grows mainly on the east side of trees.

Blue scaly tree fungus notes

Blue Scaly Tree Fungus note


Blue scaley fungus above Tau

Blue scaley fungus site

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Just over the hills from the eastern two huts of Camp Tau.

East of Outpost Tau. Directly East and over the hills right next to the two eastern huts, just north of the eastern swamp. Go up the stairs and over the hill and the fungus will be right below. There is a tent directly north of the fungus as well on the North shores of the island.


The Blue Scaly Tree Fungus may be combined with the Bulbous Fruit Plant to synthesise Agent X, one of the three parts of the cure for the plague.
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Research Notes for the Blue Scaly Tree Fungus

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