Brain emphasis notes

Brain emphasis drug notes

The Brain Emphasis Drug is useful for determining the location of the Creature when it is nearby and when the player is in a crouched position.
Brain emphasis example white

This graphic appears when the Creature is nearby when Brain Emphasis Drug is in effect

An overlay graphic appears (see image, right) and the player's head automatically turns towards the Creature. The closer the Creature is, the more opaque the graphic will appear. If the graphic turns red, this indicates that you are visible to the Creature, even though he may still not have actually seen you (he might not be looking in your direction). It is possible to gather, synthesize and use this multiple times, increasing player's Perception to High. This does not, however, give any additional benefits.

It may be synthesized by combining the Trumpet Mushroom plant with the Type C Poison Inhibitor Sponge-like fungus.

Mental stimulants are the temporary version of the Brain Emphasis Drug.

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