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A "tubered stalk emerges from foot-deepwater, adorned by tough, waxy leaves.  At it's top grows a bulbous husk, deep-purple in color and fibrous like corn."

Notes for Plant X




Location of Bulbous Fruit Plant

The plant is found in the north-west of the island, south of Outpost Tau, in the water, east of Ruin Site A, at the end of the Ruins River inside some ruined arches. 

There is another monkey-like statue, with ruins and a long staircase that descends into a river among cliffs.  This is not the location you are looking for... /jedi.

If you are here, turn around now and go back!

If you see this, you are in completely the wrong place!


It can be combined with Blue Scaly Tree Fungus to synthesise Agent X which is one-third of The Cure

Research notes for the Bulbous Fruit Plant


  • It is thought that the islands native population cultivated this plant.
  • It is also known as "Plant X"

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