This plant is an oxygen inhibitor.



Map to a cache of pitcher plants

Isabella's map to the pitcher plant cache

Pitcher plant and headstone on mountain

Pitcher plant in valley east of mountain head statue

2012-12-12 00007

Location of Carnivorous Pitcher Plant via triangulation.

In the centre of the Southeastern_Peninsula, West of Outpost Rigel and south-west of Outpost Sirius in a deep valley between steep mountains.

Pretty much centred between Outpost Draco, Outpost Sirius and R1. If you're wandering around swampy ruins, you're too far east.

Usually grows right near a log as in screenshots.


Carnivorous pitcher plant notes

Carnivorous Pitcher Plant notes

May be used together with the Titan Plant in the synthesis of Agent Z, part of the cure for the plague.

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