Eden is the name of the island on which Robert Hughes (the player character) finds himself stranded.

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In game map, extracted from the game files.

It's one large landmass with large inlets, which create several peninsulas. There are a number of rivers and fresh water ponds as well. In the beginning some of these create obstacles for straight line traveling, because the players ability to swim is heavily impaired (especially in the first on-island days).

On Eden you can find a variety of plant and animal life and a number of buildings. Interaction although is only possible with some of it:

As the game progresses, more and more of the islands topography becomes visible. It is essential to travel nearly everywhere, because the ingredients needed to fulfill the game objectives are scattered all over it. The occasionally found maps will mark spots where especially valuable plants (or fungi) are located.

Miasmata Map (1.3 - 5Jan2013)

In game map, extracted from the game files.

You will arrive on the island near Outpost Draco, a little bit south-south-west of the maps center. From there you have a lot of options as to which direction you go first, depending on your desired play-style. You can explore the southeastern peninsula and get all the interesting herbs from there and then never come back.

If you however plan on first upgrading your stats to normal levels, the western and northwestern peninsulas should be your first target for exploration.

For reasons of connection to the landmass and distances to target herbs it may be prudent to explore the northeastern peninsula later in the game.

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