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Energy stimulants are a type of medication in Miasmata.

They are synthesized from various plants and fungi and improves endurance for a period of time.

General Information[]

Consuming energy stimulants will boost the player's endurance temporarily. This allows them to run further before reaching exhaustion, allowing for more efficient travel around the island. It can be consumed after the Endurance emphasis drug has been used to boost endurance to "high" further extending running distance.

Energy stimulants are somewhat uncommon, as the ingredients used to synthesize them can be difficult to find and often only grow in select parts of the island. As such, it is recommended to store some of these ingredients in order to allow the player to make more frequent use of them.

The energy stimulant can be used in conjunction with a herculean tonic to speed up long travels across Eden.



  • Unlike the mental stimulant and herculean tonic, the energy stimulant has no direct impact on the player's ability to survive. However, the slower movement caused by exhaustion can indirectly lead to the player being injured or dying from falling down steep inclines, or not being able to reach a bed or laboratory in time to treat a critical fever.
  • The energy stimulant should be prioritized over the herculean tonic for long-distance travels with infrequent stops.
    • Conversely the herculean tonic is a better choice for shorter trips, or ones that require swimming or climbing hills such as a speedrun.