A fever is caused by a fall, tumble or drowning. Also a lack of drinking will at some point induce fever. It is the games way of telling you, that your health is deteriorating.


Symptoms include:

  • blurry vision
  • short loss of perception (blackout)
  • black&white vision (losing color perception)
  • ringing of the ears
  • stumble
  • losing endurance

There are three degrees of fever:

  1. fever ("Take medicine")
  2. high fever ("Take medicine soon")
  3. too high fever (you die)

Untreated the fever progresses in these three steps. So if you ignore it, it will get worse. After a while you simply will die.


Fever can temporarily be cured by


There is no way to permanently prevent a fever as long as you are infected with The Plague, because it is caused by it. The Plague itself  can only be healed in the progress of the game by synthesizing The Cure.

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