Herbert Gouhs is one of the scientists sent to the island of Eden to develop a cure to plague. As with the other characters in the game, this one is only known from the various notes and documents found in the game. It can be presumed that Herbert might be of German descent based on his name, though like the rest of in-game notes his are in English.

Several notes written by Herbert Gouhs indicate he is in some way insane, talking about how he is losing control over his own actions; how they are guided by an "outside force" of some sort. Herbert also writes about having sabotaged the work of other scientists. Herbert also shows signs of obsession with Chancellor Kallas and his Nationalist movement, as their symbol is found on several of his notes. This makes it highly probable that Herbert Gouhs is the one behind the deaths of all the scientists on the island, and the one house containing numerous paintings of The Creature most likely also belongs to him.


While not confirmed, it is very possible that Herbert Gouhs and the player, Robert Hughes, are the same character. The fact that it appears Gouhs like the player can see The Creature, and that Herbert Gouhs is an anagram of Robert Hughes, indicates that it is meant for these two characters to be the same person. Additionally, upon ending the game, the final cinematic shows the character placing down his notebook, showing to camera the name "Herbert Gouhs" inscripted in the cover. This would also explain why Robert Hughes is seemingly the only human being alive on Eden. It is also speculated that Herbert Gouhs is in fact The Creature, and that the player's unhealthy condition makes him believe the insane man chasing him is a horrifying monster. However, The Creature disappears after the player is cured, indicating that it is in fact only a fever-induced hallucination. The Plague may very well be responsible for driving the player insane, causing them to see this beast, as well as murdering the entire research team.

In some way the "outside force" may be the Nationalists, and that The Creature, whose head resembles their symbol, is indeed a manifestation of the player's fear or obsession with this movement. This may also be a metaphor for blindly following political ideals, with Herbert representing the people, and the "force" and The Creature representing the political movement.

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