Outpost Rigel Isabella

Here Isabella lies. What's that she's clutching in her hand?

Also referred to in notes as "Isabella"

One of the scientists who came to the island in search for The Cure for the Plague.

Her research outpost is near Outpost Rigel, where her dead body can be found. She is the only female scientist on the island.

It is notable that she is the only person on the island to have been killed from the front, and other theories also abound about her death (see spoiler)


She discovered the Titan Plant and the Carnivorous Pitcher Plant, the plants needed to synthesize the Adjuvent, one of the three agents needed for the Cure.

Isabella's note

Message in a bottle

Rumours abound of her relationship with Robert Hughes, and exactly what this was.  The most popular is that she alone was not murdered and committed suicide when she realised that the man she loved had turned away from her.[1]


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