Miasmata Wiki


General Information[]

The Journal can be opened by pressing the "Tab" key and flipping pages is done by either pressing "A" and "D" or clicking the corner of a page. It has 3 sections as follows.


Shows the player's current health status, strength, endurance and perception. It also shows primary and secondary objectives, such as ingredients for the cure.

As the player achieves more and more objectives, 'hyperlink' entries will appear here, which allows the player to easily look up the method, ingredient or ingredient location for each objective.

Medical items that are carried are found just under the player's status. The canteen hangs on a strap below the journal.


Shows the notes, photos, and maps the player has collected.


Shows information about items collected in 2 levels:

Picking up a plant or fungus gives very little information about this plant.

Researching the item gives information about what that item can be made into.

After the plant or fungus has been made into medicine, another log opens up describing the medicine and it's effect.