Miasmata Wiki

Throughout the island are scattered laboratories housed in wooden huts. The following equipment may be encountered within a laboratory:

Examination tray and microscope[]

Plants and fungi can be placed on the examination tray and inspected using the microscope.

Examination tray and microscope

In this way, the properties of the items can be determined.

To examine plant/fungus items you are holding, first click the examination tray to place the item on the tray. If you are holding more than one plant/fungus, you may need to click the tray more than once until the item you want to examine is shown on the tray. Then click the microscope. An animation is shown of the item being sliced, the slices being placed onto a microscope slide and the slide being examined.

On completion, the results are displayed in the journal.

Synthesis equipment[]

This equipment is used to synthesise medicines and other drugs from plants and/or fungi. Not all laboratories contain synthesis equipment.

Synthesis trays, together with distillation equipment

The item(s) can be placed onto one or both synthesis trays. Click the glass beaker to begin the synthesis process. An animation will be shown, and the resulting drug will be placed on the yield tray to the right of the equipment, from where it may be picked up by clicking.

Note that if an drug is already on the yield tray, that item will disappear.

When the synthesis is complete, the journal is shown, open to the record of the manufacture.

Specimen storage bins[]

Plants and fungi can be stored in any of six specimen storage bins. The storage bins in all the laboratories on the island are linked, so that items placed in a storage bin in one laboratory will immediately become available in the same place in all the other laboratories.

Specimen storage bins, shown with plants/fungi

This is a useful way of storing items for later, and has two advantages over carrying the items. Firstly, carried items might be dropped inadvertently; secondly, only three items can be carried at once.

Note that if the six storage bins are full, items may be dropped onto the laboratory floor by crouching and clicking the floor in an appropriate place. These items will not be made available in other laboratories, but neither will they disappear or decay, and will still be there if and when you come back to the same laboratory later in the game.

Bunsen burner[]

Bunsen burner

Some laboratories have a Bunsen burner . These serve the same function as lamps, and save the game, but do not serve any scientific purpose.

Miscellaneous equipment[]

There are various other pieces of equipment shown in laboratories that serve no useful function other than as props.

Jars of chemicals in a laboratory

Examples include:

  • Test tubes in racks
  • Jars of various chemicals on shelves
  • Weighing scales
  • Empty tables
  • Unlabelled trays
  • Blackboards with chalk writing
  • Petri dishes full of blood
  • Pestle & mortar