This section lists the various prominent landmarks scattered around the island.  Head statues (but not owl statues), tents, huts, urns and ruins can all be used for cartography .

Head statuesEdit

Usually situated on hilltops and on islands some distance from the shore, these massive stone heads serve as useful aids in cartography

Tents and HutsEdit

See tents and huts.
Campfire by a lonely hut


Various ruined walls, arches, pillars and stairways can be used for navigation.


Urns can be set alight and also save the game when they are.

Owl statuesEdit

Owl statue

Owl statue

Several owl statues may be encountered throughout Eden. They always face medicinal plants and fungi , although often quite some distance away.
Owl statue notes

Finnegan's note regarding the "prescient owl" statues

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