Linux Issues Edit

While quite demanding when it comes to system requirements, it is still possible to play Miasmata on Linux using wine. However some issues may arise. This page is intended to collect those issues and offer solutions if possible. Feel free to extend...

Issue: Miasmata crashes during intro video or shortly after first steps on the island. Edit

  • The reason for this lies most probably in the poor drivers for your graphics card. Even the newest Linux drivers for Nvidia or AMD are way worse than the ones for Windows. You can see a steep rise in CPU usage while using the game.


  • In the game options turn all graphics settings to LOW. Also reduce screen size. After changing graphics settings always QUIT GAME and RESTART.
  • If after quitting your desktop resolution is lower than before, use your graphics card config tool to change to your normal resolution. Than start the game. It now should have lower resolution and not breaking your desktops "normal" resolution.

Issue: After a while (seconds/minutes/hours) the control keys seem to be stuck. Edit

  • Resulting in (for instance) always running, always moving in a direction even if you don't press any key, or similiar problems. The problem occures not only with this game but others too. It seems to be related to signal processing bugs.


  • Before launching Miasmata open a console and run:
xset r off

This turns off your key-press repeat settings. To test the effect hold down any key after running this command - you will see no key repetition.

  • To return to the normal settings run:
xset r on

after closing your game.

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