Miasmata Wiki

There are in total 13 medications in this game (14 if you count fresh water, which behaves in a way like the medications in that it fixes a problem which impairs you - dehydration ).

All medications can be created by finding and analysing the right herbs and putting them into a sythesizing tray. Beware that you can only store one of each kind in your journal, so creating more than one batch of each drug at a time is pointless.

Temporary effects[]

These medications provide only temporary solution to maladies . However - they are easily created (e.g. from largely available herbs) and are necessary. Some for sheer survival, others to make things much easier in the survival business:

Medication Effect Ingredients

Basic medicine

Eliminates fever (for a duration of time) A lot, nearly everywhere found. Rule of thumb: the white colored stuff

Extra-strength medicine

Eliminates fever (longer duration than basic) One of the above herbs One additional, rule of thumb: pink colored herbs
The following meds are boosters for your abilities. Taking them can increase your level in the associated stat by one level for each taking. (Low -> Normal -> High)

Herculean tonic

+1 strength level Yellow Mushrooms

Energy stimulant

+1 endurance level One of the following:

Fleshy Rooted Plant,Red-Green Tree Fungus,Carnivorous Trap

Mental stimulant

+1 perception level

One of the following: Grey Shelf Fungus, Pearl Blue Shelf Fungus

And for orientation this one is very helpful, due to the fact that your position is, in a lot of cases, not instantly visible on the map:

Mental clarity tonic

Shows your position on the map (map is not revealed)

One of the following: Red Poisonous Mushroom, Fabaceae

Permanent effects[]

These drugs are shots which provide a permanent level-up of your stats to Normal level. They consist of rare herbs, which are often found only in one location. You will find map clues, marking these locations on your map.

Medication Effect Ingredients

Muscle emphasis drug 

Strength level permanently becomes Normal Large Jungle Flower Fleshy Purple Fruit

Endurance emphasis drug

Endurance level permanently becomes Normal Blue-Capped Toadstool Giant Bloom

Brain emphasis drug

Perception level permanently becomes Normal Trumpet Mushroom Sponge-like fungus

Plague cure[]

The cure consists of three components, which individually are of no use.  The instant you have all three of the components the Cure is created:

Medication Effect Ingredients

Agent X

Component for The Cure Bulbous Fruit Plant Blue Scaly Tree Fungus

Agent Y

Component for The Cure Bio-Luminescent Algae Rainbow Orchid

Agent Z

Component for The Cure Titan Plant Carnivorous Pitcher Plant