Outpost Tau is situated to the north-west of the island. It consists of two separate groups of huts, a western and eastern group separated by a river in a deep ravine.   There are very steep hills around Outpost Tau East and it is extremely easy to fall off these and be injured and/or drown in the river.  The dense undergrowth and dimness under the jungle canopy make navigation difficult, so use of the western or eastern paths is recommended.

Although Ruin Site A  looks close and is, as the crow flies, sadly you cannot fly like a crow, and it is recommended that unless you are an experienced and hardened explorer, you should take the longer (but faster) western route along the coast past T1 (shown) and T2 (not shown) to travel between Tau and Ruin Site A /T1


Tau East has very good supplies and makes a good base camp for the region.  Medicine is plentiful. Also present:

  • Red-green fungus
  • Yellow fungus

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