The game offers three game slots (previous beta versions had only one) and the game auto-saves to the current slot every time a location light source (at a huttent, camp fire or urn ) is lit, or you sleep in a bed.  These are the only methods of saving the game, the game doesn't support 'quick' saves, which enhances suspense and feelings of deprivation common to this kind of game.

Save Game LocationEdit

If you need to back up or retrieve your save game files, they are saved in 


Copy-paste this into Start-Run to open an Explorer window at this location

If you prefer to use an existing Explorer, these are the default system locations:

Operating System Location
Windows XP Drive:\Documents and Settings\YourName\LocalSettings\Application Data\IonFx\Miasmata
Windows Vista and later Drive:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\IonFx\Miasmata

This is a system location, so you will need to make System and Hidden files visible.


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