Miasmata Wiki

When the player's strength is low (when he wakes up on Eden, near Outpost Draco), he can only swim a tiny distance before drowning.  Beginning players are often frustrated that they can drown in a small pond or while crossing a small river.  Fever dramatically increases the chance of drowning.

When drowning starts, vision will blur and start to go grey, then Robert will sink into the water.  You shoud exit the water the water as soon as possible or you will die.  Drowning happens at shorter times and for longer after the first.  Robert will drown on the third sequence.

Endurance Poor: First 'drown' sequence starts at 4s

Endurance Normal: Drowns at 1m 25s


Swimming can be used to travel to Vantage points, which are small islands on the ocean, with a wide-open view, often head-statues, and perfect for Cartography.

The Creature can't swim long distances, so with the right drugs and medicines, the player can swim to escape it.  However, be aware thirst and the subsequent fever shortens your ability to swim.   If the player is not prepared, thirst and fever can occur while swimming, so in this case to avoid drowning try to immediately seek an exit from the water.

The Muscle emphasis drug permanently increases Strength stats to Normal, allowing the player to swim further without drowning. The Herculean tonic is a temporary version of the Muscle emphasis drug

Interestingly, even when all Emphasis drugs have been used (Normal status) and even with Herculean tonic and Energy Stimulant , it is not possible to escape Eden.  No difference was noted in drowning times with or without enhancements over a dozen attempts.

Once cured, the player can swim forever without drowning or fatigue.