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Natural habitat

Trumpet mushroom

Below cliff from map piece

Single specimen

Specimen Observation: "This is likely a member of the Clitocybe genus. This mushroom has an infundibuliform cap and it's skin is brown and smooth."



Map to Trumpet Mushroom

Trumpet mushrooms around brackish pond

  • At the steep cliffs of the eastern badlands on the northeastern peninsula, see map piece "Map to Sponge and Trumpet Mushrooms".  Simply leave the badlands river eastwards past the Freaky statue ruin and turn north.

From the south, follow the coast around until you're directly west of Dog Statue Island, then head inland.  There are single mushrooms scattered about evenly over this headland, focussed mainly directly under the cliff and around a brackish pond to the north.

Location of a cache of Trumpet Mushrooms. Right next to a campsite too.

  • At tent site north of Outpost Rigel (see map at right)
  • One of the many caches of these fungi is a campsite northeast of Outpost Tau.


Research Notes for Trumpet Mushroom

This plant may be used in combination with the Sponge-like fungus to synthesise the brain emphasis drug.

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