Water jug

Water jug

One side-effect of the plague that afflicts the player is dehydration. Drinking some water instantly cures this.

Drinking water is found in jugs inside many huts and tents. It's also found in ponds, rivers and freshwater lakes around the island, and in the canteen (water bottle) the player carries.

When drinking water is procured from any source, the player's canteen is also completely filled. An animation showing this accompanies drinking water from a jug, but not from other sources - this can lead one to suppose (erroneously) that only drinking from a jug replenishes the canteen .
Water symbols

Symbols shown on-screen show if water is safe or salty

Dehydration is more likely after a tumble or fall, or other physical exertion.


  • The player has to drink to survive, but can stay on Eden for an infinite amount of time without eating.
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